• Dirty filter

    A dirty filter reduces the circulation of the pool. This allows algae to bloom and can cause significant damage to your filter and pump.

  • Damaged grids

    A dirty filter will also damage the internals of your filter and your pool pump.

  • Clean filter

    A clean filter reduces the risk of damage to the pool equipment while maximizing the cleanliness of your pool water. The above picture shows the damage of not maintaining a clean filter.

  • Before filter clean

    Filter was due for a filter clean. It is recommended to clean filter every six months.

  • After filter clean

    Result of properly maintaining a clean filter.

Results of Regular Maintenance of Pool Filter

  • Lower your electrical bill - A dirty filter that has been cleaned will often drop the average pressure on the tank by 5-10psi. This increased flow through the filter means the filter pump will draw less amps or power. Since your filter pump motor is one of the biggest consumers of power in your home this savings in power will directly affect your electric bill.

  • Get healthier pool water - 10-20lbs of dirt and gunk will no longer be in your swimming pools circulatory system. Your pool water will not longer be pumped through this gunk. Also you will be at less risk of algae outbreaks.

  • Prolong your pool filter's life - less stress on the internals means less repairs.

  • Prolong the life of your filter pump motor - less resistance from the filter means it can do its job of moving your pool water more easily.

Filter clean consist of the following:

  1. A full disassemble on all the grids and filter internals. 
  2. Cleaning the internals and the inside of the tank. 
  3. Resealing the tank.
  4. Re-charging the filter with DE (if needed).
  5. Testing for proper filtration.

What does our filter cleaning cost?

Our pool filter cleanings cost $50+tax for customers on our regular filter cleaning schedule where they have pre-approved cleanings based on the time frame they selected, usually every 6 months. A one time filter cleaning costs $75+tax for non-customers.  

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